Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Doc. update

I went to the dr. this afternoon for my check-up. I have gained another 6 lbs., so now up to 25 lbs. so far with too long to go, lol! Klaire's heartbeat was 148 and my blood pressure was perfect. I go back in another 3 wks. and then will start my 2 wk. visits two times and then go to weekly. Let's just keep praying that this pregnancy continues to go well!
On another note, yesterday I got the sweetest package in the mail with a shirt that says, "Princess in Progress" on it! I wore it today and got so many compliments! Thanks Kristen! That was super sweet of you! It made my day!


Whit and Bradley said...

Your shirt is too presh! I'm so excited that you are having a baby girl!! She will be so adored and adorable! :)

Shea said...

Loving the shirt )and the awesome mom wearing it)! So glad everything's going so well.

kristen g. said...

I thought you might like it!!! :)