Thursday, January 7, 2010


I woke up every hour or so last night looking outside for snow. I didn't want to miss school already and start using our snow days when it is only the first week back to school from break. Well, I guess it doesn't matter what I want, lol. I looked out and saw nothing and was excited that we were going. Apparently, I just can't see. I got up & put on make-up before reading my daily devotion. I then got on facebook to update my status with a bible verse, as I try to do daily. I started noticing all these posts saying no school. I went and looked out the living room window, and lo and behold, SNOW! I checked my phone & saw where John had called me on the way to work to let me know it was closed, and then I checked the local news to double check. Oh well. I have to say it was nice spending the day with my boys in the snow. We stayed out a lot longer than I thought they would. I actually had to make them come in. We made snow cream as well. YUMMY! We then braved the weather & road conditions and went to Kylan's ENT appt. to re-test his hearing since surgery. His hearing is 100% again, thank you LORD!!!


Laura said...

That Jace is so stinkin' cute!!

kristen g. said...

Great news about the hearing test!