Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like.......

A NURSERY???? Well, maybe just maybe anyway. There is so much that I have changed from my "original" ideas. I did NOT want pink and brown at all. BUT, it seems to be what it has come down to for some reason. I would say actually tan too, not brown. It is suppose to have a pearl effect to it in Step 2. However, Step 1 has to be complete to start on Step 2. John was taking off the shelves in the room because I no longer want to use them, and did caused a TERRIBLE mess with the walls. SOOOOOO....he had to plaster those with several coats of sheetrock mud and sand them. So, needless to say, that wall is still a work in progress. The other brown wall is now complete for Step 1 and maybe we can start on Step 2 hopefully tomorrow. I also could not find the wall decal that I originally wanted, but did find another one that I have ordered. It should be here sometime this week. I am still waiting on the last bit of fabric for the bedding so that we can get started on it and finish the curtains. I still haven't decided about the wall that I wanted the stencil pattern all over. I am thinking now it may be too much. On the other hand, that was the whole reason I picked the pearl/metallic look for the tan wall. Oh the decisions!