Saturday, September 5, 2009

Busy Saturday!

This morning Tiff and I hit the 75% off sale at Pattycakes. I was so excited to get Kylan a shirt, Jace 3 shirts and a pair of polo shoes, a photo album, and baby S an outfit all for $58! Don't worry Baby S's is gender neutral! Whoo hoo, cause my original amount would have been over $200. The picture is minus Kylans shirt and the album. It is identical to Jace's green one in the pic. I wish they would have had more for Kylan's age, but that was just how it went. Afterwards I rushed home to get the boys ready for our family reunion. The food was YUMMY, catered barbecue and lots of good home cooking! We came home long enough to get a short nap and then Kylan & I made Razorback cookies since we didn't get to go to the game in LR today. Then it was off to town to get groceries, supper, and our flooring for the laundry room. We didn't get home till 10. Oh, and the HOGS won! WHOO HOO!