Wednesday, June 3, 2009

School is out!!!!

Well of all things today, I forgot my camera for Kylan's Kindergarten graduation. Yes me, the camera lady who takes pictures of EVERYTHING!!! Luck lily my sis let me use hers. I can't upload pics tonight seeing as how she is on her way to Ft. Walton, but I will post them soon!!! Kylan did great today and was so excited because he was the only Kindergartner with perfect attendance for the year. He received a certificate and $10. Needless to say, he was a little distracted from the last song because he was so busy showing everyone his money, the little stinker, lol. I was super proud of him. His teacher says he is an excellent reader and one of her best writers, so I am pleased. He found out yesterday who his teacher will be for 1st grade. It is the same teacher his daddy had. She really is an excellent teacher though, and I am tickled that he got her. Well, off for now. I am officially on SUMMER VACATION!!!! And yes, I am dancing as I write this, lol!


kristen g. said...

Happy Summer to you guys!