Monday, April 6, 2009

Up and Running

YAY! I can use my keyboard again! Whoo hoo! Actually we look like rednecks. You know the kind that have a t.v. on top of a t.v., one for sound the other for the picture, lol. We had to get a wireless keypad since Jace did in my keyboard with my coke, so it is sitting in front of my laptop. Oh well, cheaper then buying a new laptop for now!
Okay, so now to catch up......things have still been busy with orders, but I think I am almost caught up, which is a nice feeling. Ball should start this week. We have been postponing so much with all of the crazy weather. Which, by the way, what is up with it???? Ok, on to some funny stories from Kylan. The other day we went to Sonic, just the two of us, to reward him for good behavior and perfect attendance for the 3rd quarter. Anyway, he just all of a sudden asked, "Momma, how come bullfrogs smell through your pants." Bullfrogs equals toots in our house. I don't like the "other" words for that particular bodily function so we have always called them that since he was a baby. I asked him what he meant, and he said," I just don't understand why when you make one, they don't stay in your pants." I am dying laughing in the front seat. Then today he asked where hash browns come from. Before I could answer he says never mind, I know.....square potatoes. I stifle my laugh and just let him go on believing that someone out there grows square potatoes, lol. He has also been super excited because his 6 year molars are coming in.
In other news...we are excited to be welcoming a new pastor and his wife to our church. I can't wait to see the work that God has for him, us, and our church.
Gosh, it is hard to remember what all has been going on, plus I don't want to have a long boring post. I have missed posting and seeing your comments!!!


Amy Barrett said...

The bullfrog story and square potato story is hilarious!

I too, am very excited for your new pastor but will miss him and his sweet wife!

Shea said...

WOOHOO! Welcome back! Kylan is hilarious!!!

Stacy said...

I am laughing at Kylan's stories, that you call them "bullfrogs" and the image of you with dual keyboards!

Heather said...

6 year molars..seriously?? When does it stop?

The Kissin S Ranch said...

Hey, are those pictures at the bottom for Brax Knukles. They are so cute!! You are very talented.

Christina Staggs said...

funny stuff. kids?!?! Your newest orders turned out so cute, they are getting better every time! We need to decide on a name so you can get a head start on some stuff for me!!

amber leann said...

Step, not sure who the Brax order is for. It was for a lady that works in Jonesboro, who works with Brax's mommy!
Christina- yes, I NEED A NAME!!!
Heather-no once they start getting them it never ends!!!!