Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

Today was great! Kylan didn't go to bed until after midnight, but was up at 6:30 this morning to see what the Easter bunny brought him. I drug myself out of bed long enough to take a couple of pics and went back to bed. I swear 30 minutes later he came in to wake Jace up to show him what the bunny had left him. We then went to mom and dad's to hunt eggs. You will have to excuse the way they look in the pics, they are still in jammies along with other clothes on top. It was chilly!!! Afterwards it was off to church services, then my grandma Sanders,and then John's parents. Hope everyone had a great Easter and remembers the real reason for the celebration in today. It is not the candy, dyed eggs, or the Easter bunny!!! Those are great traditions, but I am so amazed at God's grace today!!!


Stacy said...

cute pics! I love the one of all the boys at the very top!
It was so chilly for hunting eggs today.. but at least the rain held off until late afternoon! You are right about remembering the reason for the season. The real reason for Easter means more to me the older I get. BTW, I was born on Good Friday and came home from the hospital on Easter Sunday back in 76. And the meaning of my name is "of the resurrection" and my parents didn't even know that! neat huh?

Amy Barrett said...

Those are very sweet pictures! IT looks like you all had a wonderful Easter!

Stacy, very cool story about your name! You should blog that!