Saturday, April 11, 2009

Egg hunt

As you can see, all 12 eggs just didn't make it, lol

Today was busy. John had a customer appreciation day at work, so mom and I took the boys to our local egg hunt. This is the first and last time for us to go. It was crazy. You register first and then wait an hour for it to begin. Then it only last between 5-7 minutes, if that. Kylan's went fine and he found 14 eggs. Jace's division covered 0-3 yr olds. The parents were allowed to hunt with them, though it turned out to be for them instead. It was pitiful. By the time we crossed the line Jace got one egg. I let him down to pick up eggs all by himself, but parents were all around snatching eggs for their kids baskets. I mean there was one lady with her kid stuck football hold style under her arm, screaming the entire time, while she got her kids eggs. The kid never even got set down. It was seriously ridiculous. Jace just looked around like what do I do now. Poor thing, it was over before it even started. Tonight we had our new preacher and his wife over for supper. We had a great time chatting and they helped entertain the kiddos. We dyed eggs and made our traditional resurrection cookies that tell the story of the resurrection. Kylan understands some of the story but still gets a little confused, which is why I want to keep up the tradition so that he will better understand it later. Well, tomorrow is actually already here since it is after midnight. I still have Easter bunny deliveries to make and the off to bed. Just for some quick explanations for the pics above. If you tell Jace to smile he sticks out his tongue. Jace also took to Nicole (our new preachers wife) quickly tonight. He doesn't normally just go sit in someones lap unless it is family.


Stacy said...

sorry that the egg hunt was a bust. it is sad really. We will have fun next weekend! I won't knock anyone over finding my eggs!