Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Party/Movie

Whoops, missed getting that sucker away, lol!

Today was a busy but fun day for the boys. John met us at the theater to see Hotel for Dogs. Kylan had a great time sitting with his us at the movie. He was so excited to get his treat bag full of valentines and candy also. My mom took Jace to his school party since we were with Kylan. He also received a treat bag full of goodies. All of those suckers will be hidden however, lol. Tonight we ran by Tiff's to see baby Camilla and drop off a present that someone had given me to give Tiff. Camilla is getting so big, and she is of course super sweet. We were going out to eat, but the boys must have been pooped from all of the festivities today, because they both passed out in the back seat on the way to town. We opted for fast food instead. I took Jace's inside Walmart when we got groceries to keep him entertained. A tired baby, no food, and Walmart are a lethal combination!!! We did manage to get in and out fairly quickly, and are now at home. We usually don't get home until later, so it is nice to still have a couple hours until bed time. I don't have any of the pictures from Jace's party, they are on my mom's camera. I will post them tomorrow.


Stacy said...

oh, I see Camilla is wearing Ruby Kate's headband. It was a sin for her to not have any headbands!