Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday Snow



Seriously, can this weather get any crazier? Yesterday I finished up an order and then John and I chilled at home. Today, I woke up to breakfast in bed. John made me toast and an omelet. I got up went to get my hair cut and colored. Which was waaaaaaay past due. July was the last time I had it done, so I feel refreshed now. John then took Kylan to a birthday party at Pump it Up. Jace and I stayed home b/c if a child is under 2 then they can't play on anything. John and Kylan got groceries for me too while they were in town. Tonight I went to visit Shea and Baby Madden! I just love to hold sweet babies!! I can't wait for play dates with Madden!


Chandra said...

I'm lovin' the hair!! Mine is in desperate need too! I'm ready for us all to get together for a play date! Spring break is only 3 weeks away!

amber leann said...

Thanks for the hair compliment! I'm ready for SB too!!! I'm counting down the days!!!

LindseyB said...

Glad to see that Madden is home. Hope everyone stays healthy-I know how much fun hospitals are.