Saturday, January 24, 2009

shopping fun

Well this week went by pretty quickly and again the weekend is almost gone. Thursday night was bunco at my house. We had a great time. I don't think that I have laughed that hard in a very long time. Friday John took Brax to the vet for shots and to get him a tag with our info on it. We found out that he is about 4 months old, and his going to be a very big dog. They said he is very well behaved and they were very impressed with him. I honestly have not even heard him bark even though he has now been at our house for 8 days. He is a good dog, and yes that is hard for me to admit, since I have been sooooo against getting a pet. Friday night we went and got groceries and then this morning was Shea's second baby shower. She got lots of great stuff. I had to take Jace to the shower, John was duck hunting for the final weekend (YAY!) He was whiny but all in all ok though I can't say the same for when we went shopping this afternoon. He has been sooooo cranky the rest of the evening. We also met John's parents and ate supper with them and his sister and her kids. I was in much need of some shopping and got some great deals today, so I am happy! Oh, I can't believe I almost forgot..... John's name is in a Rod & Custom magazine for his paint on a car. He is proud and excited!!!


Stacy said...

too bad Honey is fixed... we could let them have pups..... and then we would be family! He is a pretty dog. I know you weren't very excited about having a pet, but it is so good for your boys. I love Honey more than my kids do I think... she is part of our family!

amber leann said...

What are you talking about, we are going to be family. Jace and Ruby Kate are still going to get married one day, lol!