Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday Sun

John was super sweet and let me sleep in until almost 9, which was WONDERFUL!!! We were up kinda late last night, so it felt refreshing to get to sleep in this morning. We got up and cleaned up a little, it feels so good to have a clean house. I only have one room left to really clean up and it is clean with the exception of some yard sell stuff and some baby things I need to pass along (awww, how sad!) Plus, I have a different desk to put up that a friend passed along.Anyway, we had a housewarming to go to in Bay from 2-4 for some friends of ours. We were late, as always! I swear we can't make it on time anywhere!!! It was very nice and relaxing, they cooked out hamburgers and hot dogs! Yummo! I LOVE good ole grilled hamburgers and hot dogs! Kylan decided to play in the pool with the other smaller kids, and was soaked by the time we left. We came home and I took a little nap. You would think I wouldn't be so tired after sleeping in, but I slept until almost 9. John had to run to his work, the alarm at gone off twice, so he had to go take care of that business. He came home and we went to clean the church. Jace has been asleep since around 6 and is still asleep, so we may have a long night or very early morning....we will see!!!


Stacy said...

Yard Sale? When? I need to have one too!