Thursday, May 29, 2008


I have actually been a little productive lately, especially considering it is SUMMER VACATION!!! I have been doing some much needed cleaning in the house these last couple of days. Kylan has been such a good help, dusting, mopping floors...and I'm talking about on hands and knees scrubbing floors, laundry, etc. It was so sweet of him to help. He has been playing a lot outside too. I am trying to get completely re-organized this summer...meaning going through every room in the house trying to get rid of and find a place for everything. As my mom always says "if everything has a place, then it shouldn't been hard to keep clean." I agree, it's just hard to find a place sometimes. I can be very tough at times, when I get the house spotless that is, about keeping it clean. If one things gets out of place I really get after the boys of the household, considering again, that I am soooo outnumbered. Don't go thinking however, that my house stays spotless...IT DOESN'T! I have two kids and a husband, and yes I can be messy too. I do plan on however, getting to the point this summer that I can keep my house "company ready" at anytime, so long as I can reach my re-organizational goals. Two other major goals for the summer are to re-paint/redecorate John's bathroom and to finish my laundry room. I want to make it a laundry/work room for scrapbooking etc. My friend Stacy's laundry room is also her work room and it is awesome. For now I have so much of my "crafting" tools, materials, etc. in the office/pointless room of the house. As mentioned in an earlier blog, I got a great entertainment center for the office that holds this stuff for now. I am working on getting it organized and getting more baskets that look presentable. Sooooo, hopefully this summer I can reach my goals as well as get into a habit of keeping a organized household. I am also posting some random pictures from the last couple of days. Look at the cute monkey outfit that Jace is wearing in one of them. Guess where it came from? Okay I'll tell you, Deals for 2 bucks! Can you believe it, of course I'm sure that it may possibly fall apart in the washing machine, but hey for $2, it was worth it for a days wear, don't ya think?


Stacy said...

Girl I am so with you on needing to get organized this summer. Wanna have a yard sale together? I need to DECLUTTER. My mom says the same thing that your mom does! Too Funny. I love Jace's little Monkey outfit and his toothy grin! We still have NO teeth! I swear, she is the perma baby! What is the story with the little tag blanky? Are you sewing????

amber leann said...

not sewing yet, mom made the taggie for him...isn't it too cute! I so need to do a yard sale and SOON, but can we wait until after Andrea's wedding next weekend???

Chandra said...

I certaintly need to do some organizing! Maybe you will inspire me, let me know how that goes... I really like your entertainment center, what a bargain!!