Friday, May 9, 2008

Kylan's visit to the "big school"

Today Kylan’s playschool class came to visit the “big Kindergarten wing” at our elementary school. It was very strange to see Kylan with his future graduating class in our hallway today. I was very proud of him, he was behaving so nicely (for once, Ha ha.) Being at the school, I was so fortunate to be able to capture his classroom visit. Of course I am sure everyone thought I was an idiot for taking pictures of him on his first bus visit and all, but you know me, never without my camera at hand. Plus, since he will always be riding with me to school, he will never get to ride the bus except on field trips. It will be rather interesting to have him in my hall next year, but in a way it will be really nice to know what is going on with him all day. I registered him Thursday, which was amazing and sad all at the same time. My little man is growing up!!!!