Friday, May 30, 2008

To the movies

Today John and I got a wild hair to take the boys to the movies tonight. It always a major questions of whether or not to take Jace since he is so little, but I'm glad we took him tonight. He was the poster child for a good baby. He slept through most of the movies, which was nice, so we all got to enjoy it. We saw the Indiana Jones movies. It was okay, but I don't really remember the "orginials" to compare it to, though John said he was a little disappointed. It was still nice to not just do our normal grocery shopping, though we did go to Walmart afterwards of course. What would a Friday night be without us at Walmart! How sad of course! Anyway, we had a good time none the less. The pictures posted are from tonight...Jace thought he would help put away groceries, and he "picked out" his first toy tonight. Kylan of course loves this part of going to Walmart. If he has been pretty good all week then he gets to pick out a small toy...yes I know a bad habit, but one that he really looks forward to. The last picture is one I took last night at bedtime. Kylan fell asleep with his razorback helmet on and I couldn't resist taking the picture! How funny!


Chandra said...

Reading your post from last night makes me even more excited about Caden's arrival. I can't wait for him to help he "unload" the groceries. I love the pics, your boys are the cutest!