Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving and everything in between!

So we had sooooo much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, as well as everyday! We are so thankful for our beautiful boys & now for this sweet little girl. We headed to John's parents for lunch since Andrea & Mackey were gone, as well as my parents. We then went to my grandma Sanders for supper to visit. We had a great day just relaxing and eating of course! Black Friday was a day that I opted to stay at home and clean. I got rid of lots of clutter, well actually it is in piles in the house until I can get rid of it, but still out of its previous location. John, Kylan, and his dad worked all day on his dad's 60-something chevelle that they are rebuilding. We then went out to eat with his parents that night and headed to get our tree. They were closed so John had to wait until Saturday morning to go get it instead. My daddy worked on my laundry room most of the day and got my counter top up, baseboards, trim, etc. Hopefully we can finish painting and getting shelves and things in the next couple of weeks. I am hoping to have it completely done by the 14th when I host our Young Mother's club meeting at my house. We shall see. I ran to town to meet up with Chan, and Shea to see Cassie's sweet baby girl while John and all three boys played. Mom came over later during the Razorback game and decorated the living room tree. As the Hogs lost the game and she was putting up the last 3 or 4 ornaments the tree came crashing down. The trunk had she took everything off and had to redo the entire thing today. Tiffany came down today and visited and brought me some girl stuff that Camilla had never got to wear and some other baby stuff. YAY! I also have started making some bows for our baby girl. Can you tell I am excited??? lol


The Kissin S Ranch said...

Your little girl is going to be stylin', so excited for you!!