Monday, November 9, 2009

Back to my roots!

Okay guys, I am back to my roots! I am officially a brunette again for the winter! I LOVE it dark. I am really pale right now so I probably look a little washed out, but it is going to be so much easier to mess with without having to worry about roots and finding the time to go get my highlights touched up. By the way, I have on no make-up in the pic so I look rough. Other than that I am trying my hand at bow making. I see why people charge so much for bows too! Other than that things have been slower around here thank goodness. Friday night we met the Zac & Nichole (our preacher & his wife) to eat supper and then back to our house to watch a movie. Saturday we headed to town to get groceries and my hair appt. was that morning. Sunday was church and then lunch at mom & dad's house. Today was back to school for the week. Tomorrow is school, staff meeting, and then a silent auction for our Young Women's club. Wednesday I have inservice after school for some extra money (YAY), and then the rest of the week should slow down again. So onto orders the end of the week. Hope everyone is having a great start to their week!


Shea said...

Love your hair and love the bows (esp. the turkey) but love your hair the most!