Thursday, February 14, 2008

valentine's day

Well Valentine's Day was great! I was so proud of John for not sending me flowers to school today. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE flowers, esp. yellow roses, but not for Valentine's Day. To me I would rather have flowers on some random day, a day where I know he was truly thinking of me, and not a day where it is shoved in his face around every store that he must get me something. And believe me, it's Valentine's Day, so yes I expect something, lol, but NOT flowers. He really suprised me this year, I have to give him that. I found a purse that I REALLY wanted but wasn't sure that he really knew how much I wanted it. Well, lo and behold he had it AND a new pair of tennis shoes. And believe me, I needed new shoes. I had not bought new tennis shoes since Kylan was a baby, yes Kylan, not Jace. Kylan is 5 so that tells you something. I don't wear them that much, but had mentioned awhile back that I could really use a new pair. I was super excited about his thoughtfulness. He had also left a card for me from him and one from the boys, which was super sweet. I have to say how blessed I am to have such a sweet husband and sweet boys, they really made me feel special today, and every other day!!!!

Oh, I also wanted to share a picture of an outfit I just had made for Jace. I have been OBSESSED with buying clothes for him and found this lady who makes adorable lounge sets. I pick out the fabric and she creates a one of a kind outfit. I love her work and she is wonderful to work with!!!


Stacy said...

Amber.... I love your blog! I don't keep up with mine.. heck, I don't keep up with anything nowadays, but anyway.... I saw Jace's adorable outfit today. Who made it????