Friday, February 22, 2008

9 months

Little man turned 9 months old on Wed. It is so hard to believe that he has been here for as long as it took him to grow inside my belly. I can not believe that he will turn one in three short months. He is doing so well. He says mama, dada, and lots of other babbles. He also waves bye bye on occasion. He is still not full-fledged crawling yet, but instead "army crawls" like he is sneaking up on an attacker. Bless his heart, at least he is finally trying, lazy little thing, ha! He is also pulling up to things. He has 6 teeth, and they hurt very much when he bites. We went to the doc. today for a 9 month check-up, plus he has been tugging at his ear again. We waited there in the clinic for an hour and a half, for them to tell us what we already knew, that he has yet another ear infection. This only makes his third, which is still much better than Kylan did at this age. He had around 14 by his first birthday and had tubes in at 13 months. Jace checked in at 21 lbs. exactly. He is getting so chunky. He is already wearing 12-18 month clothes. I am looking forward to watching him learn to walk and talk. Kids are such incredible beings, and I can't wait to have one more. Speaking of babies, we went to visit Angela and baby Macie this week. She is adorable and doing really well. It was wierd seeing John holding a little girl. I told him that he could give me a little girl one day, but we all know about those Suttons, they only create little boys. That is okay too, though, I already have another boy name picked out for someday......


Sandy said...

What darling pictures!!! I'm doing some blog walking this am and found my way to your blog. Brings back such fond memories of when my daughter was young. She's now 24 and teaches 5th grade, and really...the time flies, so enjoy it all.

Congrats on your cute family.

It's cold, snowing, but bright here today. Hope you're in an area that didn't get this last storm.

Please stop in for a visit, welcome mats always out.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Christina Staggs said...

another name, already?!?!?. . . what is it?? I have to make sure it's not my "boy name" or we may have to duke it out!! haha! I have faith that the next one will be a girl! haha!

amber leann said...

Yeah, already!!! Blaine, you know us and the unique, shall we say, names.....I hope you have LOTS of faith! :)