Saturday, February 9, 2008


My mom and I have been making a couple of cakes here and there. I am posting two recent ones. I seem to get in a mode to where I have all of these plans to do all of these things and then stess about them when it comes time to do them. For example, I feel soooo guilty that I work so I go to very time consuming lengths to make sure that I do treats for my boys playschool classes for every holiday. They are a lot of fun to do, and Kylan loves to bring things to his friends, but it just tends to get a little crazy around any holdiay. For Valentines day I made shovels that say I Dig You with candy in them. I thought they turned out cute and wanted to share the idea just in case anyone else needs an idea!


Anonymous said...

Love the zebra cake!

Anonymous said...

i'm a terrible mother. did i do anything for valentines day??? no....but i will have to say that the "i dig you" idea is SUPER cute!! (and those cakes too! :))

Stacy said...

Oh Amber! That ZEBRA cake is AWESOME.... I want one! My bday is April 16.... go ahead and mark your calendar!! And the shovels are the cutest. I can't wait to let Ruby Kate dig in the dirt this spring with her little shovel from Jace. Just don't keep it up, you make us other moms look like LOSERS.