Sunday, February 27, 2011

Klaire ~ 11 months

Can't believe Miss Priss is one month away from her first birthday!!! She eats almost all table or "real" food. She is also in the bigger classroom at school. She has taken her first steps, but is still nervous about walking. No teeth STILL!! She has also has started sleeping in her bed again (but will not promise that it will last, lol) She blows good kisses, does big waves, rolls pattycakes, and claps. Oh and will shrug her hands when she say "I don't know"....too funny! Her hair is finally getting longer though she still needs more in the front. Her fav. baby food (when she eats it) is Ham and veggies. She takes two 6 oz. bottles at school and nurses twice at home. She drinks water from her sippy and has not had juice yet. She is not a picky eater at all. She loves everything and eats sooooo much! Every where we go people are shocked at how much she eats to be such a petite little girl. She gets mad when you stop feeding her and she is still hungry. She probably eats more than the boys do, lol. She now weighs almost 21 lbs. She is in size 3 shoes and 12-18 month clothes, though 12 month pants are really short on her. She is also in a "playing with hair" stage. If she is being held she has her hand tangled in the hair of whoever is holding her. She still likes her paci, but doesn't have it 24/7. She is a blessing for sure and her smile just lights our worlds!