Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer is coming to an end!

Thursday I took the boys with me & worked a couple hours in my room & delivered some orders. Friday the boys & I hung around and played outside. John worked for a little while. When he got home we met his parents to eat supper & then got groceries for the week. Saturday was our 1 day VBS at our church. John worked in it and so him & Kylan had a blast that day. John even came home long enough to bring me breakfast left over from their mens breakfast that morning. It was so sweet & yummy! He brought me hash browns, biscuits & choc. gravy, & sausage! Later we just hung around and relaxed. Yesterday was church & then lunch with my parents. We headed back to church & then went back to my parents & grilled out for supper. Today I have worked on orders this morning * am finally seeing the light at the end of my orders tunnel, lol. Tonight I have supper with the ladies from my EHC club.