Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Slacking already

Okay, so I can't help it, I have already started slacking on the blog & today is only the first day of school. Monday & Tuesday were inservice. The boys came up & helped me in my room Tuesday afternoon & then we went by daycare to let Jace see his new room in his new building. He wouldn't get off of my hip the first 15 mins. but finally got down & played. Today of course was full of tears for me & Jace. It broke my heart. I got a text that morning though that said he was doing great (that & staying super busy with my new ones) helped keep my mind off of the morning tears. When I picked him up they said he did super & that no one cried after breakfast. So for me that is great considering he hasn't been there all summer. I had a good day with my 17 new kiddos. It will take a couple of weeks to get used to routines & more structure but I think they will do great! I hope & pray so anyway, lol. Anyway, I was so worried about getting to school on time today & in the routine of dropping Jace off again that I forgot to take pictures (though thankfully I did remember to say a prayer with the boys). It is a good thing I read Stacy's blog & saw that she had a pic of Kylan from today! (Thanks Stac). I also did manage to sneak out on my break & get a pic of Kylan on the playground. Hope the school year goes as well as it did today!!! Oh, when I asked Kylan how it went today he said, "It's easier than Kindergarten!" Yeah well, we will see how long that lasts!


Whit and Bradley said...

Glad you had a good day! Hopefully Jace will do better tomorrow. Pray for us too---daycare again tomorrow! Maybe "WE" won't cry! :)

Stacy said...

you are most welcome.... they were cute visiting while they waited :)

Stacy said...

oh.. and you can repay me for the pic by POSTING and saying HI when you visit the ol' blog... I swear.. I think I am going to shut her down.... I feel like no one reads it anymore :(