Sunday, August 16, 2009

party, party, & party some more!

Well I survived parent orientation on Friday morning with at least half of my parents/kiddos showing up. I think we all had about half show up which was good especially considering it was during work hours. Hopefully I will get to meet the other half at Open House on Monday night. Friday night we went to town & ate with John's parents again this weekend and then of course groceries, lol. Saturday was a busy day with 3 birthday parties. Unfortunately we only made it to 2. The first one was Rylee's & it was bowling. Kylan bowled & Gatlin & Jace played games, so they were all happy. I didn't feel good at all so as soon as we got home I took a nap. Jace & I then got up and went to Mack's 1st birthday party. Bradley went all out & everything looked awesome! Today was Homecoming at our church & another b-day party that we didn't make it to, b/c of Homecoming. We all came home from that & took naps. We don't have services tonight so I am working on an order and then enjoying my boys before school officially starts this week!