Tuesday, March 24, 2009

That's how we bowl

How the boys fell asleep tonight!

Asleep during the first half of his haircut....(BEFORE)


Today was a busy but fun day. It started out with a trip to the dentist for a cleaning. I go back in two weeks to get my teeth "stripped" so that my teeth go back to the way they were in high school. They are getting to tight on the bottom and so stripping them means basically filing away the sides a little to give more room. I'm interested in seeing how that goes, lol. Then it was home to play with the boys outside awhile. This afternoon Bradley and sweet baby Mack came for a visit. He is getting sooooo big! All of these babies around me are already growing up soooo fast. It was great to catch up. Then tonight four of us girls went out to eat at Godsey's (YUMMY) and then go bowling. We had an interesting night, starting with a the rain downfall. We even pulled into someones driveway for a few minutes because we couldn't see to drive. The man and his wife are just staring at us through the window, and then proceeded to call someone while staring at us. Then the guy comes out with his umbrella but doesn't say a word. Tiff rolls down the window to tell him that we will be leaving but just had to pull over because we couldn't see, and then he proceeds to not say a word and walks off. So weird. Anyway, then we proceeded to eat where we looked like drowned rats coming in. My hair started out straight, but as you can see, it turned curly quickly. After supper we headed to the bowling alley where Stacy kept getting strikes on the screen even though she had one pin left. This happened several times...seriously...but only to her, lol. We decided we should have shirts made that say: "This is how we bowl." Yes we are getting old, lol! On another note, John took Jace to get his haircut. He started out asleep and I got a before shot, but I had to leave for girls night and didn't get to see the finished look until I got home. He looks so handsome, not to mention that it looks MUCH better, but it still makes me sad that it is a big boy haircut. They just grow up too fast!


LindseyB said...

If yall got the storms we had last night yall need your heads checked!!! Yall are crazy for going out in that!!

amber leann said...

We are crazy girl! Would have been even more fun if you could have been there!

Stacy said...

Good times. I laughed so hard about that man. "HE's coming out with an umbrella!"
And what can I say about my bowling skills? That is just how I bowl!

The Kissin S Ranch said...

So Stacy cheats at bowling...I see. That guy coming out with an umbrella in the dark pooring down rain sounds like a scary movie. Good thing he didn't kidnap you or something!!

Whit and Bradley said...

Loved catching up yesterday!! Can't wait to see Mack's new tees!!

Amy Barrett said...

I love Jace's haircut.

I have never been to nor heard of an activity done with Stacy Sample that wasn't crazy fun.