Friday, March 6, 2009

Exciting News

No, I'm not pregnant, lol. This, I am sure, is only exciting to the candy obsessed people out there (to skittles in particular.) There is a new kind!!! They are super YUMMY!!! I have a terrible sweet tooth, particularly to cupcakes and candy. We were in the checkout line tonight and I almost jumped up and down when I saw them!!!
On to "normal" news of the weather has been GREAT! The boys enjoyed some time outside this afternoon riding the go-cart (slowly when Jace was in it.) Kylan later ran into a tree when it was just himself and busted his lip. We then decided to call it a day outside and headed to town to eat some Chinese and get groceries. Kylan had to try out chopsticks tonight for the first time. It was funny to watch and I really wish I would have taken a picture. (After all I am obviously crazy enough to take a picture of skittles, lol) Anyway, I think we are going to see if John's parents will keep the kids tomorrow night so that we can go on a date tomorrow night.


Amy Barrett said...

FUNNY about the skittles! I have a very similar m&m post for St. patricks day! I too, have a very sweet tooth for candy - mainly candy bars!!!

I did think your exciting news was pregnancy related... thanks for clarifying! ha.