Saturday, November 27, 2010

Klaire~8 mths

Klaire is 8 mths and crawling everywhere. She is pulling up to everything and walks if you hold her hands. She is 18.6 lbs and wearing 12 mth clothes. She claps, waves bye, says dada and bye bye. She also gives "sugars" but with her mouth wide open!! Miss Priss has a temper but is a good baby. She is still not sleeping through the night but the boys didn't either so it is nothing new. She is in a size 3 diaper and still eating stage 2 foods. We tried stage 3 but she gags and spits it out while shaking her head no. She loves Mum Mums and fruit puffs. I have not given her juice yet, but as long as she is nursing I don't feel that she needs it. She has no teeth, though mom & I think we felt the edge of one the other day. I think her gums have swollen back over it. We get so many compliments on her eyes and skin color. Every day is more fun watching her learn new things!!!