Saturday, November 6, 2010

Miss Priss is crawling!!!

Well, Klaire had to picked up from daycare on Tues. because she was running a temp. I got her into her peditrician that afternoon because I wanted to make sure it wasn't her first ear infection. (She had been pulling at her ear the day before!) Anyway, she had no infection, just fluid on her ears. She was given cough/decogestant meds. I feel very blessed that she just turned 7 mths and that is the first doc. visit we have been to other than well check-ups. And, the fact that she still wasn't really bad sick, just a cold. Anyway, onto the crawling part. She couldn't go back to school Wed. because of the temp. so my mom kept her so I could go to work. Well, she text me that morning and when I checked my phone on my lunch break I read that she was crawling. I thought hmmmmm, but lo and behold, by the time I got home she was crawling all the way across the room. I was sad to miss her first time, but glad my mom got to see it. So excited that she is crawling! And this whole weekend she is now pulling up to things and letting go and only holding on with one hand! WOW is all I can say. She is saying dada as well!!


Shea said...

Slow down, little girl!!! How exciting! Can't wait to see her again soon.

amber leann said...

I know right??? She is growing sooo fast!!! Can't wait to see you guys soon!