Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hilton Head here we come.....

We left Friday night at midnight to start the 12 hr. drive to Hilton Head, SC. This is our first trip there, we usually go to Destin. We were worried that we couldn't enjoy the ocean and would be stuck on the beach if we went this summer, because of the oil. Kylan rode with Andee & Mackey, who had planned on doing some extra fun stuff in Altlanta. (until Mackey got sick that is!) Poor Mackey!! Anyway, we got to there around 1 and luckily was able to check in to the house we rented early, so we unloaded and headed out to the beach the rest of the day. That night we started our nightly walks! It is beautiful here, such "southern" charm, and not at all "touristy" like Destin. I love the beaches of the gulf better than here in the Atlantic, but as far as everything else, it is BEAUTIFUL here!!! Here are some pics from Day 1!!!