Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fun day!

Kylan won 4 free movie tickets from a local newspaper contest, so I took mom in tow with me as backup with the three kids, ha! Let me just say, that it was a HUGE SUCCESS!!! The kids did great! The boys always do, but I just knew K would fuss, but she was perfect! Afterwards we headed to Chili's for a lunch date with the girls and kiddos, minus Madden. It was great seeing them all and how much our kiddos have grown. We did however forget one major detail, and that was singing Happy Birthday to Shea! Can't believe we forgot to get her free dessert!! Happy Birthday Shea! So glad we got to spend part of it together! Later that night I went to Andrea's Pampered Chef party and ate way too much, ha! Another great thing that day....Klaire rolled over!!!! She rolled over from stomach to back, and of course hasn't done it since!