Friday, April 2, 2010

Jace's Easter Egg Hunt

Today Jace had his Easter egg hunt at school. I have kept him home all week to adjust and you can tell that he has been out 2 wks. He kept saying "you aren't going to leave me?" John & I took him and he had a great time hunting eggs. He wouldn't hardly talk to anyone though, so Monday is going to be tough on him & mommy when he goes back. Afterwards we headed to my school to visit with the staff. I didn't visit my classroom with her being so little and I came during their lunch and didn't want them in trouble by me coming in and interrupting anyway. I will hopefully get to visit with them soon. Afterwards we headed to town to get groceries and sneak around & get Easter bunny goodies for their baskets. We came home in time to get Kylan from school and are enjoying a nice, relaxing evening at home. Our church members have cooked supper for us every night since we have been home, so we haven't had to worry about that either.