Saturday, July 11, 2009

College ECH reunion

Yesterday was a super busy day and it never slowed down. We started out the morning getting pictures made with Teressa Lee. Jace didn't cooperate as much as I would have liked, but I can't wait to see the end results anyway. We then went and got groceries and then headed home. I worked on orders until Tiff & Camilla came over for a short visit. I then headed to Chili's to eat with some of the girls that I graduated college with. We had such a great time catching up and hope to do it again soon. Several couldn't make it so we may just have to plan another one the beginning of August. Sounds great to me, these girls are such special people. It is true what they say about college. You make some of the best friends there. I am so proud and blessed to have all of these girls in my life.


Shea said...

I hate that I missed it. Madden was an angel all night, naturally! I can't believe there was such a small crowd!