Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July

We got up and around this morning and made an impromptu trip to go eat Red Lobster and hit the Bass Pro Shop with John's parents. We had a great time, and of course I got some pictures. I swear people must think we never go anywhere when they see me taking pictures in strange places, but you guys know how much I like to "document" everything, lol. We came home and did a few fireworks. Jace got sparklers, which of course was the only thing he could do. Tonight we went to the fairgrounds, like every year, to watch the fireworks. It is always my parents, us and my grandma. Jace was a little leery and wanted in the truck instead of outside to watch them. His papaw finally got him out by pretending to shoot the fireworks. John and Kylan were the biggest rednecks when they got the seats out of the trucks to sit on the ground. We had fun anyway. Hope everyone had a great fourth and remembered to say an extra prayer for those who serve our country!


Stacy said...

fun. The fairgrounds in Harrisburg? We always watch the fireworks up at Cherokee... they do such an amazing display. i love fireworks!! Love the seats out of the truck. Funny.

amber leann said...

No, Jonesboro!