Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Jace

I took a personal day off today to spend with Jace. I can not believe that he is 2 already. Time flies!!! I had all intentions of taking my time today in town getting some b-day treats for his treat bags for school tomorrow and taking him to the park. Well...things didn't go as planned (do they ever?) Mom, Jace, and I went to Kohl's first. Not much open that early in the morning. We left for town as soon as we dropped Kylan off for school. We then decided to go to the mall for a little while. After walking out of Dillard's I started looking for my car keys. Much to my dismay I couldn't find them. I had been in high heels all morning mind you and my feet were already killing me. And yes, I should have known better, but I never get to wear cute heels anymore being on my feet all day at school. First off I decided to go back in and by some sandals. We then back tracked EVERY single store that we had been to with no luck. I called John b/c I didn't know what to do. We didn't receive but one key when we bought the Tahoe. So..John calls a lock service to come unlock my truck and make me a key ($125 mind you.) I was sick. While he came to the mall where we were waiting he decided to go out to the truck to wait. Mom and I decide to go ahead and head out that way since the guy was suppose to be on his way. We decided to check Target one more time because it was the first store that we went to. The lady said she only had keys that were turned in yesterday. Mom asked if she could go ahead and look at them and lo and behold...MY KEYS!!! I called John and told him that we were on our way out with them. The lock guy had already unlocked my truck but had not made the extra key yet so we ended up only paying the $25. Better than the $125 at least. We then had to rush to finish our errands so that we could get back in time to pick up Kylan. It wasn't the ideal way to spend Jace's birthday, but at least I did get to spend it with him. We celebrated with family tonight with a small cake and a couple of hot wheel cars for him to open since his party is not until Saturday. It was hilarious to watch him with the sparkler candles!

Happy Birthday sweet Jace! I LOVE YOU!!!


The Kissin S Ranch said...

How sweet! Happy Birthday Jace!!

Amy Barrett said...

Happy Birthday, Jace!