Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Field Trip

Today was our last Kindergarten field trip. We went to the Stephen Fite Concert at the Fowler Center. Kylan at first said it was lame, but eventually had fun and got into the music and moves. Mom signed him out and they had some time for just them. Kylan got to go to Petco and play in the play area in the mall. They then met us after school at the clinic. I took Jace, since he had been super cranky and not eating well. I just wanted to have him checked over since we are leaving Friday for the quick trip to FL. The doc said he may have something viral, but that he should be fine to go. I was just nervous that he might have an ear infection and that flying would be out of the question. Anyway, so glad that is taken care of and that we have the go ahead.