Saturday, September 29, 2012

Under construction

So, as if we don't always have enough going on...we have decided to box in my dining room and make kylan his own bedroom. The office/playroom will
now be the new dining room. They are the same size anyway. My dad is doing the labor and we are just doing a little at a time so it may be Christmas before we get done. So excited that the boys will finally have their own rooms. Poor jace has half his stuff in klaires room and half in kylans room. It is a much needed arrangement to get another bedroom. This also will allow us to redo our master bedroom since we have to move our doorway down to make a hall. Would love to add on but it's just not in the cards for now so we will do what we can. We still have so many plans for our small house but in time hopefully we can get it all done.