Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wow, it's been awhile

I intend to be better about updating after ever post, but I'm just not good at it lately. :( Anyway, we are gearing up for school to start and for things to get really, really busy. Along with school, august means football sign up for kylan and then on to soccer for Jace and cheer comps for Klaire. Along with that I am starting my national board certification. I will need lots of prayers to pass!! I have 1-3 years to pass but in saying that the pass rate is only 50%. Yikes!! I was blessed to receive a scholarship that only the top 200 applicants in the state could receive to help pay for it. Two out of 4 of us at the elementary building received it but I'm praying that it doesn't discourage anyone because I need that group support. :) For now, that's what had been going on. We did enjoy a trip to Fort Walton which was fabulous and as always we never want to leave the beach. ;)