Saturday, August 27, 2011

Klaire 17 months

Baby girl is almost a year and a half old! WOW is all I can say!! She is almost in a size 5 diaper. She also just jumped from a 3 to a 5 in shoe size in the last 2 wks! She is wearing mostly 18-24 mths, but can wear some 2T depending on the brand. She now has 8 teeth and she is talking non-stop. Not a lot of sentences, but I would say well over 30 words. Daycare has really bragged on how well she talks and how many words she can say. They are also bragging on the fact that she already holds her crayons correctly, ha! Guess working with big bro Jace on writing his name pays off, lol! She eats just about anything. She still takes her paci at home, but at daycare only at naptime. She has not cried yet when I have dropped her off so far, which has been a blessing after being off all summer with me! Makes my day much smoother. Klaire is such a joy and soooo girly. She loves carrying her babies around and playing with jewelry, purses, phones etc. She will put something on and say “pretty!” Makes my heart smile! She loves her brothers and can be a stinker to them. It is amazing how much of a “toddler” she is now!! 008