Wednesday, April 27, 2011

9 year anniversary

John & I celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary today. I say we celebrated, but we actually are not celebrating until this weekend. My parents are keeping the kids for us so that we can go out on a date to eat/catch a movie with friends. I am blessed to have 9 years of marriage with a man who looks to God for guidance and who takes care of me and our kids! Thank you Lord for all of your blessings! Klaire also turned 13 mths. old today. I will not note everything about her mths now that she is past a year, except for maybe a few general things, lol. She is staying around 20-21 lbs. Sis is still in sz 3 diapers, tho we will probably go up to 4 next time we buy. We have bought diapers once now. It was a HUGE blessing to go her first year with no costs for diapers and then not using formula. She is down to nursing only once a day and takes milk the rest of the time, along with water, and one cup of juice with her iron supplements. She sleeps through the night at times but most days she still does not. Hard to believe she is entering toddlerhood!!