Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sick little girl

Klaire started running a temp on Sat. and has been really congested. Her fever got up 103 that night so I took her to Urgent Care on Sunday since her peditrician's office is not open. We got there and the doc. looked checked her out and ordered a fingerprick. He came back in and said that her right ear was red and that her blood count was elevated. Normal is 10,000, hers was at 19. His nurse said that at 20 they start getting concerned. She said that if her breathing would have been a little worse then they would have admitted her. SCARY!!! They gave her an antibiotic shot and oral antibiotics to start on. Her temp got back up past 103 that night I got it back down and took off work Monday to stay with her. She didn't run any temp again until around 4:30, but it was only 100.5. I gave her more Tylenol and she didn't run any more the rest of the night. However she screamed bloody murder from 12-3. Mom kept her for me Tuesday and she was cranky for her all day. She only took 5 oz. all day and wouldn't eat. She only had 2 wet diapers all day so I called Urgent Care who suggested I take her to her reg. pediatrician. Soooo, today we took her to her pediatrician. He said her ear may still be a little infected but it was very hard for him to tell because she had a ton of wax in it. He said that Urgent Care scared me more than was necessary. He said that as long as she had 1 wet diaper every 12 hrs. then she wouldn't dehydrate. (plus she started nursing well again today, & eating (thank goodness.) He said that yes we could have admitted her, but that it would have only been miserable for all of us and unnecessary when we could treat her at home. So for now we are still on antibiotics for the first time ever and we go back for a re-check in two weeks. Thanking the Lord that she is getting better!!!