Monday, September 27, 2010

Klaire~ 6 months

Can't believe Klaire is halfway to her first birthday! It was neat that she turned 6 mths on my birthday. She is becoming more & more fun everyday!! She is a pro at sitting up and getting around on the floor. She will rock on all fours if you put her up. She has just started 2nd Stage foods and loves to eat. She is still nursing and still does not sleep through the night. Not sure if she will ever master that, lol! She loves to sit up & splash in the big tub with Jace. She is 16.4 lbs and 26 in. long. She has no teeth yet, but they seem to be coming & her gums are really bothering her. She says "bye, bye, bye" all of the time and will shake her head no. Too funny! She is still in size 2 diapers, however could go to size 3, but we still have so many 2's left from my diaper showers that we are trying to use them first. It is nice that we haven't had to buy any yet! God has blessed us with this sweet girl for sure!


Mickey and Jessica said...

LOVE the pics!! She is absolutely precious!!

kristen g. said...

Those pictures are just amazing! What a beautiful little girl.

Erika Slaughter said...

She is ADORABLE!! Love these pictures!