Friday, August 27, 2010

Klaire ~ 5 months

Really? Already? At 5 mths. our sweet Klaire is sitting up by herself. She is now taking 5 oz. at a time and eating all kinds of baby food plus cereal. She is very vocal and has starting getting better and better every day!!! I can finally see a light at the end of this "colic" tunnel, lol! She is still not sleeping through the night, in fact she usually gets up twice a night still. Usually only once to nurse though. She has only slept one night through the night so far. She is doing really well at daycare,which makes the transition for us all soooo much better. She is still squeezing in size 2 diapers, tho no much longer. She is wearing 6-9 mths, sometimes bigger even though she is still tiny. She is one of the tiniest in her class even though she is the second oldest. She is therefore proving again that she is nothing like my boys. She still has her beautiful blue eyes, so who knows if they will change or not. She is a joy and is getting more fun every day. She loves her big brothers and they can just look at her and she has a huge grin on her sweet face. We love to hear her laugh, she is quite ticklish!