Saturday, October 24, 2009

Catching up yet again....

Well from where I left off....Saturday was training all day and I felt HORRIBLE! I think it was just a sinus infection. Sunday I stayed home from church and just laid around all day. I got up long enough to load the dishwasher and a few loads of laundry. I am still not 100% over this, but not much I can take so I am just dealing. Monday started a new week, just as busy though. Jace had his 2nd flu shot and didn't even cry! Such a big boy! I had a staff meeting Tues. after school and the rest of the week flew by too. I had P/T conferences until 7 Thurs night which makes for a very long day. I had all but one parent show so that was a good thing. Friday we had inservice and then headed to town to run some errands. I have worked on orders all day today and am still behind as usual. It is sooo much easier to do orders in the summer. If only I could stay home full time!