Friday, June 15, 2012

Not going to slow down lol

I thought i would have much more time to blog once school was out...but...not so much! We have been swimming and staying busy. Kylan has had football camp and Klaire cheer this week. Today We headed to the Pink Palace museum since we have free summer passes. We were disappointed that the mansion part was blocked off for a special event and inaccessible today, but we have all summer to go back at least. And of course our trip couldn't be complete without Gigi's cupcakes!!


Christina Staggs said...

Fun! You always make family outings look so easy!! Where are the pics of screaming kids and exhausted parents?? And letting your kids eat those cupcakes in the car?! Are you nuts?? Haha! Maybe you're just a better mom and let's her kids do fun stuff unlike me! heehee!