Friday, April 29, 2011


Lots of reason to celebrate today…I had to take Klaire for a recheck on her iron since it was low on her 1 yr. check-up. It had come up 2 pts. and was in the range they liked, however her DR. still wants us to continue the supplements for one more month to build it up even more. So, though as little as it seems, a reason to celebrate anyway. After her DR. appt. we headed home for Jace’s ball game and then dropped off the kids at our house & my parents cam over to babysit! (THX GUYS!!) John & I went out to eat with Angela & Jeremy for a night out. We celebrated John’s bday with supper at Chili’s (thx AA & Jeremey! we LOVE you guys!) and then we headed to Target for some shopping!!