Sunday, March 27, 2011

Klaire ~ 12 months

CRAZY! That's all I can say about how fast K's first year has gone by!! She is meeting so many milestones every day! This sweet girl is 21 lbs and growing like a weed, though still tiny. She says mama, dada, Meme (John's mom), bye bye, go, outside or "side" as she says, lol, and baby. Not a lot, but sweet all the same. She still has only one tooth, bless her, it's going to be rough when they all come in at once!! Sleeping is come and go. For a couple of weeks she would sleep through the night in her room, and then some nights she ends up with us. She is taking whole milk and still nursing 2-3X a day. No bottles, only sippy cups. She is also taking 1 cup of juice a day, only because her iron is low and she needs it with the supplements to help absorb the iron, as well as mask the taste. She is still in size 3 diaper and is wearing 18-24 mths clothes, size 3 shoe. She is eating all table foods and is not picky. She shovels food every meal like she has had it for the first time. She loves to play with hair, and constantly has both her hands in mine. She also has a stuffed horse that she is growing fond of and loves baby dolls. She has really completed our family, and I thank God everyday for all of my kiddos!


kristen g. said...

She is such a cutie! All these 12 month olds are catching up to Ian, I told him he better start growing soon!!
It is so crazy how fast the first year goes by isn't it? :) enjoy your big girl--it's about to get really fun!!