Thursday, January 20, 2011

Prayers for Jace

The last two days Jace has been complaining with his ear as soon as he gets up from nap at school. By the time we get home he has already quit complaining and plays as normal. Well, last night he was great until around 9ish. He cried until after midnight with his ear. Then when I got him up this morning he had blood coming out of his ear. :( We had school so I sent him to daycare and told them I planned to get him an appt. as soon as school was out, but that if he started complaining I would call my MIL to come get him until his appt. Well, needless to say I pulled up to school just to be told that school was cancelled. Soooo, I went back to daycare & picked up Klaire & Jace and then we luckily got in to the clinic. I also decided to try and get him in to the dentist to check on his tooth that he fell and hit at Christmas. (Don't remember if I ever posted on that or not???) We got to the clinic (he never complained at all, such a big boy to be in pain) and sure enough he has a perforated eardrum in his left ear and an infection in his right. They gave him an oral antibiotic, ear drop antibiotics, and a cough medicine with codeine to help with the ear pain. Of course I feel like a terrible mommy because we have just been treating with over the counter ear drops & Motrin thinking it would go away. UGH!! Anyway, afterwards we headed straight to the dentist where Jace got x-rays and his teeth cleaned. He was sooooo good. Anyway, the nerve in his front tooth is dead, sooooo he gets a crown the end of Feb. Poor thing, hoping all of this sickness with our family goes away soon.....we have had the stomach bug, me strep, Jace the stomach bug, John a viral infection, and then now the ears with Jace. Klaire has been running temp off and on too, we think either viral or teething??? So, if you have a moment, add us in your prayers please!!


The Kissin S Ranch said...

Will do. Poor sweet Jace!