Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 5 ~ Wednesday

Today was a BUSY day! It stormed last night and was cloudy all day today so we stayed off the beach (except for family pictures!) Insead we headed to Harbor town and did some shopping. The boys went on a pirate cruise with John and had a blast. They gave them an eye patch, a tattoo, and a pirate name. They also got to wear pirate vests. We of course let them buy a sword a piece, and Jace also wanted the doo-rag. I am sure I didn't spell that right, lol! The boys got to search for treasure on a map, and spray Stinky Pete with water cannons. They even got "gold coins" at the end of their journey. I would suggest it for sure if you ever go to HH. Afterwards we toured the lighthouse and then our nightly walk on the beach!