Saturday, March 6, 2010

Stomach bug & completed nursery

Well this week I felt GREAT.....up until Thursday. I started feeling bad at school, ate a light lunch, but then by 1:00 was feeling HORRIBLE. We had parent night that night, needless to say I was home puking my guts up. Looks like the stomach virus finally made it to our house. It has been going around like crazy, but I was hoping we would miss it. So far, Jace has had a few bathroom issues, but no vomiting, and he acts like he feels ok. I stayed at home Friday and slept most of the day (if I wasn't in the bathroom), sorry if that was too much info! Mom came over and finished up Klaire's bedding & curtains though while I slept. I am so excited that her room is complete, now with the exception of a rug and a few other small decorations (picture frames, etc.) Today I feel somewhat better. Still weak, but at least able to hold down a small amount of food. Hope & pray this is the end of virus for the Sutton family!!!


Unknown said...

I had that awful bug as well...bless your heart. The nursery is soooo cute!
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