Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A few projects down...more to go!

Mom got the dresser finished today for Klaire's room today. She also got half of the bedding done.The harder part (the bumper) comes next. I figure it will take her another week or two to get that finished. Her & dad are also in the middle of remodeling my grandmother's house, and helping my sister re-do her bathroom. We are so lucky to have parents that are skilled in those areas! She also got my bow holder finished. I got one frame done that I just added some ribbon, feathers, and bling to, just to give it some jazz. Hopefully, John will get the last wall painted tonight and we can at least start hanging a few things this week. It has helped being out of school for snow the last few days to get some things done. However, my house looks like a tornado hit it. I am trying to fit 2 boys in one room and go through old clothes & toys, which I now have scattered through out the entire house! Not to mention all the things that Klaire has already accumulated. YIKES, I need a bigger house, or less junk!


The Kissin S Ranch said...

Wow!! So cute!! I love everything!!

Chandra said...


Christina Staggs said...

Wow you did get a lot accomplished. . .great job!